Friday, December 31, 2010

Mushroom appetizer and Wings

I felt like doing something different last night. Supper was my brother Kens buffalo wings, his SUPER GOOD mushroom appetizer. I served celery sticks with ranch dressing and we had some spinache dip served with tortilla's. It was like a mix of appetizers. Since, I'm going back to eating healthy after the new year, I figured I should splurge a little this week. : )

There was another batch of wings cooking when I took this picture.

1. Cut up a bunch of portabella mushrooms.
2. Heat up pan and melt butter and olive oil.
3. Cook mushrooms. They should cook for at least 12-15 minutes
4. While cooking add paprika, salt, pepper and garlic
5. When done, add some heavy cream and KIKKOMAN Terriaki BASTE and GLAZE. Just enough to be like a little gravy for the mushrooms.

Serve with toothpicks or eat with a spoon. You can use 1/2 and 1/2 if you don't have cream.

For the WINGS.

1. Buy the party wings, since there smalller
2. Fry them in oil or bake them. It doesn't matter, although some say frying is best if you want your wings nice and crispy
3. Use 50%/%50 KIKKOMAN TERRIAKI BASTE and GLAZE and any kind of hot sauce. My brother says Crystals is the best, but I can't find any around here.
4. Heat up and pour over wings. You can also just pour some into an individual bowl and dip wings in sauce.