Saturday, July 10, 2010

Found a great base Veggie Burger recipe

OK, took a little while, but I finally found a good Veggie Burger Base recipe. Here is my Veggie Burger making Story!!!

First I tried to follow a recipe for a Quinoa Veggie burger that I found. I couldn't take two bites from it. : (. It just was not good.

In the past, my friend Galya told me she had some good experience with making veggie burgers. She wrote it up on her blog and even referenced my name. I did patiently wait for her to reveal her veggie burger making secrets. : )

The first round of making these veggie burgers didn't work out to well.
I didn't do a good job getting the water out of the zucchini and it turned out to be a disaster. : (.

Than I took a break and a week or so later, I followed the recipe, except I had eggplant instead of zucchini and I shredded a carrot too. I would of tried zucchini again, I just didn't have it. I noticed after shredding the eggplant - that it was also watery, just not as watery as zucchini. I used my potatoe ricer to help me get rid of the water and I made sure I worked real hard at getting the water out the best I could. After it was pressed down to the point where no water was coming out, I would mix it around a little and run it through the potatoe ricer over and over.

The only real change I made was adding 1/3 cup of oat-bran "uncooked". I did still use crackers. I had a variety pack and I think I used about 4 of them. I cooked mine on a pan on top of the stove.

Yummy Yummy. Here is the link to the recipe: VEGGIE BURGER BLOG

The first night I had one as a side dish. Today, I had one for lunch. I made a wonderful sandwich. I used two garden fresh lettuce leaves and in between was the Veggie Patty, 2 slices of pre made bacon, cut up red peppers, and some blue cheese dressing. I followed the dressing recipe on this blog since I had left over blue cheese. Blue Cheese Dressing Blog

I have enough in the refrigerator to make one more sandwich. I'm hoping to get a picture when I make it.

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