Friday, October 23, 2009

Zucchini Noodles with Shrimp and Goat Cheese

I knew when I first saw this recipe that it would be a big hit. I've made dishes in the past with similar ingredients usually with pasta. My husband and I both loved this dish. It came from Cara over at carascravings.
Simple and easy to make. I love simple yet wonderful recipes.

Recipe found here:

I made my greek pasta and shrimp dish recently, so I had about 1/2 lb of shrimp in the freezor. I also bought some goat cheese when I went grocery shopping yesterday...thinking I'd think of something to make that includes goat cheese, such as omelets or this wonderful little chicken or pork dish that I make that uses it. I love goat cheese. I ran out today and got some zucchinni and had my husband pick up some fresh basil. In this dish, I put the cheese in the pan at the end and let it melt and blend with all the ingredients. yummmmm

I can't post a picture of the final product because the pictures came out to blurry. The cheap money I paid for a digital camara lately is probably why.

This will definetely be made again.

I wasn't sure if diced tomatoes meant from a can or diced real tomatoes. I ended up dicing about a cup of roma tomatoes and than filled the cup with some tomato juice from a can of whole tomatoes. I also got a little tired of using my little lemon zester to get the zucchini into strips so after I was half way done, I just used my big cheese grator. It's definitely worth using the zestor for at least half of it. I did use about an oz of goat cheese, although I didn't measure and I think it was a little bit more than an oz. I used 1 small to medium size zucchini. My only regret is the shrimp. I had less than 1/2lb and it would of been even more delightful to have more shrimp in the dish.

My final thought on this is the zucchini. I had prepared the zucchini ahead of time so I wouldn't have to grate or zest the zucchini into strips when it was time to cook. Especially with my 2 yr old and 3 yr old to take care of. After sitting for awhile, the bottom of the bowl had water in it from the zucchini. I didn't end up using all the zucchini as I didn't want it to take over the dish too much and didn't use the water on the bottom of the bowl. I wonder if I should have used my potatoe ricer to drain the water out of the zucchini. Well never the less, this was soooo good and creamy and tasty and oh I could go on.

Thank you sooo much Cara.

It didn't end up being a complete carbless meal though LOL. I made a batch of my pizza/calzone/rolls dough and made some rolls to go with it. Pizza dough recipe.
I posted and raved about this dough recipe in an earlier post on my site.


  1. I love your new blog look.
    The recipe sounds amazing, I will try it and let you know :)